The Legend

Rambhajo is a business group based in Jaipur, having complete domestic footprint with interests in Jewelry, and Building & Construction. It is a name well established among the distinguished jewelry entities of India, with a young, dynamic and highly motivated taskforce of professionals.

Founded in the year 1921 by Late Shri Kishan Das Gilara with a vision to provide quality kundan meena jadau polki jewelry. It all started with the development of a design and making small earrings, rings, and pendants. The inspirations were taken from a popular traditional jewelry. The jewelry made were all in 22k gold studded with diamond Polki and precious color stones. The designs were so unique.

In 1945 Mr. Badri Narain Gilara, the son of Late Shri Kishan Das Gilara, joined his father's business. Thus making the company bigger year after year. The number of customers grew tremendously . Mr. Gordhan Das Gilara and Mr. Girraj Prasad Gilara (sons of Badri Narain Gilara) joined the company as directors, in 1974.

In 1975, they opened their own jewelry manufacturing company in Jaipur. In the beginning jewelry was sold directly from the factory. All jewelry was handmade. It was one of a kind. They were manufacturing jewelry using a unique technique that would always remain invariable since 1921 to nowadays. From the beginning, they have been building strong system of values and business ethics year by year.

Mr. Nitin Gilara (son of Gordhan Das Gilara) joined the company as director, in 1995.

Mr. Abhishek Gilara (son of Girraj Prasad Gilara) joined the company as director, in 2000.

Mr. Prateek Gilara (son of Gordhan Das Gilara) joined the company as director, in 2004.

Mr. Vipul Gilara (son of Girraj Prasad Gilara) joined the company as director, in 2006.

In 2006 business expansion was done in the field of Building & Constructions. Having main focus in jewelry manufacturing Rambhajo's name has always been a benchmark of excellence in KUNDAN JADAU POLKI and fine DIAMOND JEWELRY.

In 2008, Rambhajo's opened its first retail jewelry showroom in Jaipur. Two more retail stores were added in Mumbai and Jodhpur, in 2009.

Since a century, Rambhajo's is preserving the unique technique of creating jewelry and passing it from generation to generation. The company strives to preserve the traditions of their ancestors and bring something new to jewelry world.

Currently, the company has more than 200 workers, 3 stores, own jewelry manufacturing unit and real estate business. Rambhajo's is into fourth generation with its ultimate motto as 'Customer Satisfaction'. The company is known for its visionary leadership, value creation abilities and strong commitment to the clients.

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